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This Centennial Year, Prospect for ‘Port Moodite’

Date Posted: July 21, 2013

Port Moody may be celebrating 100 years of existence but the geological forces that shaped the Tri Cities have been at work for millennia. “The rocks on the shores of the inlet, in our gardens, and under our feet have been silent bystanders these past 100 years, but tell a story about our City’s past,” says Andrew Danneffel, Port Moody Rock & Gem Club Show Chair.

The club’s upcoming October show titled, “From Then to Now – 35 Years of Having Fun with Rocks”, explores 35 years of lapidary arts in Port Moody and the City’s geological history. On display will be rocks, fossils, and other curiosities found in the Port Moody area.

“This year’s show has been sanctioned as a Port Moody Centennial Event,” says Rose Kapp, Club Co-Chair. “We are involving the community at large through an initiative we’ve coined, Prospecting ‘Port Moodite’. Citizens of Port Moody are encouraged to consider local geology while outside this summer and bring rocks of interest to our show where experts will provide an explanation as to their composition and origin.”

The Port Moody Rock and Gem Show will be taking place October 26th and 27th at Kyle Centre in Port Moody. More information can be found on the club’s web site at www.portmoodyrockclub.com.

Port Moody Rock and Gem Club member Geoff Cameron (left) and Mayor Mike Clay (right) examine ‘Port Moodite’ during a field trip to the shores of Burrard Inlet on July 21st.




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