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The Centennial Stone

100 facets, one for each year of Port Moody's existence

The Story

To recognize Port Moody's Centennial, Geoff Cameron, Port Moody resident, long time member, and master faceter cut a special stone.

Featuring a custom design of 100 facets — one representing each year of Port Moody's existence — this gemstone was cut from a flawless quartz crystal found at Four Brothers Mountain, near Hope, BC. The quartz crystal has its own unique connection to Port Moody — it was found by Les and Marg Flanagan, Port Moody residents for 50+ years. The Flanagans were active members of our club for 25 years and were awarded honourary membership in 2004. Marg Flanagan was our President (1990-1991) while Les was a long time Workshop Supervisor.

The stone was unveiled at our 2013 Rock and Gem Show titled, "From Then to Now - 35 Years of Having Fun with Rocks".


Material: Quartz
Size: 51.7 mm
Weight: 13.01 ct
Facets: 100

The Hunt

Marg and Les Flanagan regularly explored creeks along Highway 1 for agates and other rocks of interest. One day approximately 50 years ago, they investigated a creek near Hope that contained quartz fragments. They followed the creek up the mountainside and discovered a quality deposit of quartz crystal. This location became a destination point for family camping trips, and over the years they assembled a fine crystal collection, containing specimens ranging from as small as 5 cms, to as large as 40 pounds.

The crystals were found in a soft brown clay. Some of them contained "phantoms" — secondary crystals growing inside parent crystals — while others were double ended.

This hunt was one of many for Marg and Les Flanagan — who searched across BC for new finds — and is an example of the memories shared by our club's earliest members.

Presentation to the City of Port Moody

On Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Andrew Danneffel of the Port Moody Rock & Gem Club, artist Geoff Cameron, and Marg Flanagan gifted the City of Port Moody with the Port Moody Centennial Stone in recognition of its 100th birthday and as a sign of gratitude for its support of our organization since 1978. The Centennial Stone is now on display at Port Moody City Hall in the galleria display case.

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