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Honourary Members

We recognize key contributors with honourary membership and showcase dedication

Individuals who have provided significant leadership or contributions to our club are recognized through honourary life membership. Honourary life membership is considered for:

  • Dedicated senior members who are no longer able to attend meetings and workshops regularly;
  • Members who are not regularly active but provide valuable support and assistance when needed; and
  • Long-term active senior members who have gone beyond the call of duty.

Individuals who have been awarded honourary life membership since our club's 1967 inception in Port Coquitlam, and the respective year they were recognized, include:

Beginning in 2013, our club also began recognizing members who provided our club with exemplary leadership through dedicating showcases in their honour. Members who have received this recognition include:

  • Dr. Hilliard Beyerstein (2013)

    The Port Moody Club's first President (1979). Personally led the fundraising charge that established the first arbours in the workshop which are still in use today.

  • Bill Meakin (2013)

    Honourary Member, founding member of the club, and our first President (1967-1968).

  • Alyce Shearer (2013)

    Honourary Member. Active for many years in the 1970s and 1980s, teaching lapidary classes for the public and leading in an administrative capacity. Was the backbone of the club for a long time.

  • Peter Billick (2013)

    Honourary Member and President (1971).

  • Cecil Smith (2013)

    Honourary Member, the Workshop Manager from the late 1980s through the mid 2000s. Has taught hundreds the art cabochon cutting. Now 90, he still visits the shop weekly offering advice where he can.

  • Marg Flanagan (2013)

    Honourary Member. Has held all four executive positions. President (1990-1991), Vice President (1994), Secretary (1986-1989), and Treasurer (1992-1994).

  • Bill McCracken (2013)

    Honourary Member. Has held all four executive positions. A long time faceting workshop leader. President (1992-1993), Vice President (1995), Secretary (1994), and Treasurer (1987-1989, 1991, 1996-1997).

  • Verne Trigg (2013)

    President (1983-1984) and a master faceter who trained many members over the years. Highly respected, he grew club membership considerably during his tenure as President.

  • Neil Schnee (2013)

    Honourary Member, Vice President (1988-1989), Show Chair in the 1990s. Built all seven large display cases, designed our logo, and created the spin & win wheel.